Vintage 1967 Michael Gurian Classical Guitar Beautiful

 11661604990030700 Vintage 1967 Michael Gurian Classical Guitar Beautiful


Rare opportunity to bid on a Vintage 1967

Gurian Classical Guitar

This guitar was
known in my household growing up as “The Gurian” and

It was not to be
touched by little hands. My father, a classical musician and instructor, rarely
played this instrument for it was not really suited to his very large hands.
This was a much treasured instrument in a home with more than 80 instruments.
Hence the beautiful condition of this guitar.

The guitar is
signed on the inside label by Michael Gurian but I have not been able to locate
a serial number. I have contacted several experts both in the US and England
and they have stated to me that there may very well have not been a serial
number for an early custom Gurian. I tried, in vain, to contact Gurian himself.
The guitar comes in its original case with a brass plaque depicting the date
and my father’s name. This plaque was made by or for Gurian and was present on
the case when my father picked up the guitar in NY. I believe the back wood is

The only problem I
can find with this guitar is that there is a quarter inch scratch, the frets need
to be filed due to slight shrinkage of the wood and the action needs to be
lowered for a more comfortable playing distance from the neck to the strings.
Other than that, as you can see from the photos, this is a beautiful instrument
and needs very much to be played by someone whom will care for it as much as my
father did.

Gurian’s are known
for their beautiful tone and are played by the likes of Joan Beaz, Paul Simon
and Bob Dylan

Shipping cost will
be determined by how the winner of the auction prefers to have this item
shipped. From wooden crated to a well padded box, where and how it is to be
shipped will all determine the cost. You can probably call any local UPS Store
and get an estimate of shipping, insurance and tracking. This Item will be
shipped from Portsmouth NH.

Two Paypal invoices
will be required one for winning bid and one for shipping. After shipping is
determined and an invoice sent and paid for I will ship the item the following

Any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank You and Enjoy

 11661604990030701 Vintage 1967 Michael Gurian Classical Guitar Beautiful

To inquire about availability, pricing, shipping details or any questions about this item, please complete the form below:

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