Vintage Espana Classical Guitar

 2882506768880670 Vintage Espana Classical Guitar

This guitar has a solid top and back. There is no plywood in this guitar. It stays in tune and plays good. It has a great stage sound really good tone.

When I got this guitar it was in bad shape. I repaired the top but did not refinish it. The wood is solid now and stays in tune. Being sold as is this guitar is a great sounding instrument if totally refinished it would sound like a dream.

Espana guitars were widely available in Canada about 35 years ago. They were carried by Canada's largest (and now defuct) department store Eaton's. They were advertised as being made from Canadian woods that were exported to Finland. A brand new Espana SL-1 or SL-2 Classical guitar cost about $300.00 CDN in 1967. In 1967 this would have been about $310.00 USD.

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 2882506768880671 Vintage Espana Classical Guitar

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