Vintage Handmade Yamaha Gc-3 Classical Acoustic Cannon


You're looking at a vintage Yamaha GC-3, handmade and luthier signed in the early 80s. Yamaha's Grand Concert classical guitars are, in the opinion of many (including me), the finest line they make.  Heavily influenced by Ramirez, these guitars are beautifully voiced and meticulously crafted. This one is a fine example. A classical cannon, it is bold, bright and responsive. Tonally, it holds its own with any classical I
have put it up against, including a Brazilian Pimentel of mine and a
Brazilian Menkevich.  It has a robust Spanish sound and projects
extremely well.  If you'd like to judge for yourself, its previous owner, a professional guitarist, posted a Youtube video of Django's "Nuages" played on this very guitar:

The guitar is 39 1/2" long and 14 1/2" wide with a 2" nut and 25 1/2" scale. In Yamaha's current line, it is most comparable to the GC-21. It has a solid (Ezo, I believe) spruce top and laminated rosewood back and sides. The neck appears to be mahogany, while the bridge and board look like striped ebony. The tuners are Yamaha originals, excellent quality and condition; the nut and saddle are bone. The rosette and tie block share the same beautiful marquetry. Structurally, the guitar is just as it should be: straight neck, nice action, tight joints. It plains cleanly and accurately up the neck. Cosmetically, it has a sprinkling of fingernail marks and small nicks on the top. There is a some touchup below the bridge where string pops had marred the finish. There are also patches of finish hazing on the back which are visible in certain lights.  

The guitar will ship in a used semi-hard Washburn case, nothing fancy but protective, for a cost of $55 to the US, $70 to Canada and $99 elsewhere. It will be well packed and insured for the full value--or, to many countries, the maximum allowable. International buyers are responsible for the difference between the sale price and the insured maximum, as well as any customs issues and additional fees in your country. Sales are final so check the pix and ask questions if you have them. PayPal payment is due within 48 hours of sale.


To inquire about availability, pricing, shipping details or any questions about this item, please complete the form below:

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